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-====== Lucia Sunstar ====== 
-{{ image}} 
-^ Gender: | Female | 
-^ Age: | 16 | 
-^ Race: | Elf | 
-^ Height: | 5'​8'​| 
-^ Belief: | N/A | 
-^ Born: | May 5th | 
-^ Occupation: | Student | 
-^ Hometown: | Illumia | 
-^ Living: | Illumia | 
-^ Citizen: | City of Illumia ​ | 
-^ Talents: | Thievery, Athletics, Dancing | 
-^  [[rpg:​sheets:​character_name|Character Sheet]] ​ ^^ 
-^ Theme: | [[link_here|Theme (Optional)]] | 
-^ Voice: | [[link_here|Voice (Optional)]] | 
-**Description**\\ ​ 
-Similiar in looks and appearance from her mother, Lucia has silver hair and fair skin. The only differences that make her stand out is that her eyes are emerald green, which she received from her father. Her hair is kept fairly short, keeping it around neck-length. Lucia is fairly tall, as per usual for an elf, standing at a height of five foot eight. She has a lithe but rather athletic build to her frame, as Lucia spend her time doing physical activities such as dancing and cheerleading. 
-Lucia'​s usual attire is her school uniform from the Orion Academy, a white shirt, which has the optional vest jacket with the Academy insignia the front and a skirt worn around the waist and reaches right by the knees. Outside of school grounds, her wardrobe consists of blouses and jean shorts and a boy's cap worn atop of her head. Recently she occasionally wears a red, flowy scarf around her neck, given from a friend. 
- ​**Personality**\\ ​ 
-Lucia is a multitude of personalities depending on the situation and where she is located. 
-A former delinquent that is trying to reform from her troublesome ways, she still retains that street smarts factor that proves useful in certain scenarios. She is spunky, adventurous and still knows when to have fun. However, she has held back on becoming destructive and prefers not to revert to her old self. Though when she gets pushed to her limits, she can be a uncontrollable loose cannon almost close to sheer violence. 
-Though despite this, Lucia aims and yearns to be a good person. To her peers and to those that's older than her, she strives to give them respect but expects them to receive them which is another obstable she must overcome. Because she isn't exactly a good person to begin with, she suffers from several insecurities,​ one of them being acceptance. ​ She has trouble if people would want to accept her for who she is, what she is, and has that mentality of having a chip on her shoulder. Lucia tends to overeact on things she shouldn'​t be obliged to do at all, but she works to improve on this. 
-**Biography** \\ 
-The daughter of Lisia Sunstar and a human father, Lucia was born in the city of Illumia, being conceived on accident while her mother was still learning to be an instructor for the Orion Academy. There were several struggles at first, but eventually, both father and mother raised and gave all the love and attention that Lucia deserved when growing up. 
-Life was relatively normal for Lucia, going to school, staying out of trouble and among other things. Lisia made sure that her daughter was properly raised, a bit too much, almost becoming a bit doting which Lucia had to endure. However, she knew that her mother only wanted to protect her, as her father was a police officer for the Illumia Authority, who's occasionally branded a target from the local gangs that plagued the city. The elf grew worried that one day something terrible would happen, but her father ensured that nothing will ever go wrong and they'd always remain a family forever. However, all good things come to an end. 
-Tragedy struck her family, as her father died in a horrible incident involving gang warfare. He was ambushed while on duty and it didn't take long for him to perish. Both her and her mother took this really hard and demanded retribution for his sudden death, though to their dismay, without lack of evidence, the police could not do a thorough investigation. This made Lucia very angry and betrayed, which unfortunately,​ caused her to change overtime by becoming the very thing that her father was trying to prevent. 
-As she entered into her teenage years, Lucia was a problem child, doing whatever she wanted, doing whatever she pleased. (TO BE CONTINUED) 
-**Recent Development**\\ 
-   * Has spent most of her days reforming from deliequency,​ as she had recently returned to the Academy after serving her suspension. Behind her back, Lisia has signed up for cheerleading,​ much to her dismay. However, after being convinced by Arista that it can actually be fun, she finds herself enjoying the activity. 
-   * Lucia met another student by the name of Calix, a boy who suffers from short term memory loss due to an accident. The fact that he has to constantly have screens on him, intrigues the elf muchly so, getting into his personal space and asking him questions. At first, she originally think much of him, but overtime, she found herself developing a massive crush for him, due to his kind and gentle heart. Confused and yet opportunistic,​ she is trying to explore these newfound feelings, figuring out how to cope with it.